“Rashi and Remedies according to vedic astrology”

-Mesh Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will profit from business that's got to do with red or yellow colour products. By nature you are humorous and reddish tone bright faced. You're lucky days in a week will be Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday. You will be inclined towards care taking of cows, buffaloes and other animals. By nature you are a little lazy but will always be ready to get other peoples jobs done. You will have a lot of friends belonging to signs virgo, aquarius and Gemini. You will be ambitious and progressive. The following years 20, 26, 33 will endanger you with fear of fever and weapons. Years 45, 50, 55 will be dominated with fear of shortened life and sudden death.


-Vrishabha Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will be plump with long hands with boils primarily in joints and cough problems. Your lucky days of the week are Saturdays, Wednesday and Friday. Sunday is an unlucky day for you. Bitter and sour will suit you more, will love eating dairy products. Your trading partners will be from middle class and lean friends will be a cause of suffering. You will benefit from business that has to do with gardening and farming. Predominantly you'll fear falling from a great height and will be at ease and be happy even in the company of a rival. A sweet lover, mid height you will be interested in makeup and dressing up. Your health issues primarily concern your stomach and neck.


-Mithun Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will suffer from Pith and pain. Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays will be luck days of the week. You will be a writer, government employ an intellectual. You will be fond of having things bitter and sour. Things that are black bring luck and things that are white bring bad luck. You will be neat clean presentable and short tempered. You'll have your own vehicle and will have a knack on taking other people's money. You'd be a many woman man, less rich with stomach ailments. Years 5, 12,16 and 27 will bring a lot of suffering. Life's 50th year might bring chances of sudden death.


-Karka Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday will be lucky whereas Wednesday will be unlucky. Cough problems, fair skin with three incidences of sudden death. 2nd 8th 21st and 29th years will bring disease. You will have crooked thin legs, two wives, and water disease. Will have pain in the waist, head and legs, eye sight weakness, and emotional involvement with low class people. Friday will be an unlucky day for you. Black will be an unlucky colour for you and white and red prove to be lucky.


The 8th year of your life brings fear from rain, water, air. You benefit from fragrance. Since your moon sign is cancer Capricorn Moon or on a Sankranti day whatever you purchase will become double. Air-problems, loss bearer you will die at an age of 48 or 84.


-Simha Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You're lucky days of the week will be Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. You will suffer from Pith diseases, have less hair, luck from war, dual wife and one will infertile. Waist pain, stomach ache, minor heart problems and head injury will prevail. The high order sun brings a lot of luck while the sun of low order brings woman loss, water loss gains but land gains. The 4th and 8th year of life brings fever. 28th year brings government fear. 51st year brings pain. 30th year will be painful. The years that are ruled by the sun will bring in fear of life.


-Kanya Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will have beautiful eyes, long hair, excess Pith and fair complexion. You'll be lazy when working for others and fast when working for yourself. You will be popular.


Writing, farming, social service will bring in wealth. Mondays will prove unlucky. Higher position can lead to destruction.


First wife is going to be really nice. 4th and 9th year of life will bring eye problems. 50th, 28th, 30th and 47th year of life will bring pain. 50th and 60th year will bring money from land and vehicle. If you Jupiter is on a high you will have great benefits from friends. 30th year you suffer from piles. You will be from a renowned family.


5th year of life brings pain in the eye, 3rd year sees fear of fire and the 21st year sees fear of trees of walls. Moles will be present in your gentiles and neck. 13th year sees you suffer from vomit, 15th fear of snakes,30th fear of forests, snakes weapons could cause death.


18th, 12th and 6th years bring fear of pain, stones, woman, weapons and fire. 36th and 24th year bring fear of thief and fire. Eyes and- fear too.


Life-span till 90years, you will be religious and talented. Beautiful eyes, strong nails, wheatish complexion, rich with other people's wealth and you'll be a traveler.


-Tula Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will have beautiful eyes, face, wheatish complexion and heavy beard. Love for government employees. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be lucky days. Suffer from cough. Will have less advantage from buying and selling of goods. Head and face will be injured. When 8 year old, you might suffer falling from height, and will be good natured and wealthy. A secret sinner, with two wives a pilgrimage maker and learned. One who is lazy, stores food grain and one whose hair turns white very soon. When Venus is on high then you gain from fragrance. You will prefer to stay beside a river or mountain.


The 3rd, 8th, 14th, 26th, 24th, 47th 55th -63rd year you will suffer from breathing disorder. Will have cough problems. Even when 84 years old you will be young. 30th year brings in another woman in your life. 12th year sees fear of water, 18th fear of fire. 21st problems from trees or vehicle. 20th year fear of snakes. Generally a businessman, thin and rich. Death on Vaishakha Shukla Dashmi. Ashlesha Tuesday. 7th, 14th and 20th years brings fear of germs, fear of being tied or fear of three elements prevail. 28th and 42nd year bring fear of elephants and stones. 63rd year see you suffer from pain in hand and leg. You will get a lot of respect. Will have High placed eyes, large face, will be a giver and a businessman.


-Vrishchika Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will have excess pith, a reddish tone complexion, love for milk and dairy products. Your lucky days will be Tuesday, Monday and unlucky will be Wednesday.


Things that are sour and bitter will bring bad luck. You will always forget your dreams .Will be weak, rich with animals, ancestors and war bring in a lot of money. You will have bad body odour , will benefit from fruits and fear water.

The months that are ruled by Gemini and Libra will bring suffering, one who shows quick rise and quick fall and someone who accepts things quickly.


You will be a wrong doer, surrounded by enemies. Years 7th, 12th 14th and 28th bring breathing issues. In the 54th year and the year of Jupiter you suffer a major loss.


Close to the time when you can see the moon you gain from red yellow things, happiness from women. When 75 years old you will suffer from fever. 25th year brings fear of sudden death. 39th year brings fear of fire. You are blessed with many children.


You love picking up fights, shy away from woman and will betray friends. You will meet death in Hastra nakshatra, Wednesday of Shukla Dashmi.


In years 8th, 16th, 24th 40th you suffer from thief, fire, posion, fever. In the 32nd year you fear bondage, injury and germs. At 72 you suffer from water. Determined, respected with round chest you will be free from Pith.


-Dhanu Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will suffer from Pith, will be fair complexioned, with brown hair, beautiful eyes, pain in the knee, and back of the knee. You will pick fights with your own people, great foodie, and animal killer pilgrimage visitor. In the 18th, 24th 30th and 40th year you suffer from disease. Thursday, Tuesday and Monday are favorable. While Saturday's unfavorable. You will have three wives. Magh month will suit you, month of cancer unfavourable.


If Jupiter is on high then there is less suffering. Your mother will suffer, you'll loose a lot of money and you will face difficulties in getting things done.


When it's Mool Nakshatra then problems of mind arise. When the sun is in cancer then pain and skin disease. Years 7th, 14th 16th 20th, 35th and 25th bring injury and pain.


Red, yellow and white products bring luck. 64 years is the maximum age limit. Moreover the first year is that of disease, 13th could bring sudden death. When Young you will be rich, with less children, always worried about disease of family members, lustful, with skin diseases, not a foodie. You will meet death on Friday of Ashaad Krishna Panchami. In years 18, 27, 9 you will face breathing ailments, fear of fire, fear of horned animals and thorny animals.


In years 54 and 36 you suffer from piles or three imbalances. Problems in blood, head ailments prevail. You will be clever and engaged in yagnas but will have a difficult life.


-Makara Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will suffer from Pith. Courageous with pain in hands and knees, problems in waist. Lucky days for you are Wednesdays, Saturday and Friday while unlucky day will be Sunday.


When is the month of Magh Bhadrpad and the moons in Leo then there are great chances of loss and ailments. Years 8, 16, 20, 30, 34 will bring a lot of pain.


Year 44 and 59 is full of pain. You will have two ugly wives. In years that are ruled by Saturn you will benefit from things that are black. A tattle tailer, respected in the seventh year you will have fear of water. You are intelligent. 21st year brings fever and the 32nd and 5th bring fever. In the 25th year you will fear fire in the lesft side. When 35 lust for other women and fear of enemies. 10-20 years problems in eyes, skin disorder, fear of water and creatures and weapon fear. When 30yrs eye problems. Between 40-60yrs, appendix and fear of woman and poison. You will be a gambler with less money a miser and always in company of bad guys.


-Kumbha Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will have stomach problems, lumps in stomach, cough and cold. Unlucky days are Friday, Wednesday and Sunday. You will have a fair complexion, beautiful eyes and will be rich and happy.


You will meet death in Satbhisha nakshatra or Dwitiya Tithi. You will like collecting things,with two wives and short life span.


You will be the eldest in family,poor, wheatish in complexion,a loving wife, a childless wife with a mark on your waist.


You will make money from sea. Lucky days include Monday, Thursday, Tuesday and Friday not that lucky. If your guru is weak or sinned you must pray. If guru is of low order then loss in business. You be blesses with a son. Years 2, 4, 9, and 12 you suffer from stomach ailments. These years bring pain and you'll be unsuccessful.


You will be very helpful, lazy in your work. Years 32, 19 bring ailments. Bitter or sour medicines are good for you.


When the suns in Aquarius rasi , you will have a sweet tooth, suffer from TB. You will be sweet spoken, restless in professional life. In the first year diseased, with three brothers and your left hand will have marks. You will have two wives. In the 5th and 6th year you will face poverty. In the 15th year you will fear fire, 12th year fear water and snakes. Hot tempered, womanizer, selfish heavy bodied, restless and stubborn in work. You will have a long neck, tall height and hairy. If the drishti's on Moon you live life till 80yrs. You will meet death on Krishna bhadrpad navmi rohini.


In the 11th year you have pain from water; generally you will fear water always. When 16 then fear of evil women or weapons. When 21 fears of snakes and disrespect. At 25 you will face three imbalances and when11, 22, 33 you will have boils and will fear wild animals. When 66 and 44 you will have problems in your teeth, eyes, ears. there will be a mark present on your waist and hand. You generally live on other people's money and are a gambler.


-Meen Rashi according to Vedic Astrology-

You will be facing a lot of blood loss because of operations or accidents .A lover of luxury, you will have a glowing complexion, beautiful eyes, will love dressing up, love music, lustful and will suffer pain in the left side of your body. You will be rich good natured and satisfied, will love guest, a devoted son, in the first year fear of water when 8 years fever and at 32 fear of sudden death.


The good planetary phases keep coming and going and if in your difficult years the good planetary periods keep coming and going then you will have a long life of 100 years. High placed face, big head, beautiful eyesight, follower of his beloved, intellectual, rich, lover of water, short tempered, womanizer , charitable you will have seven brother and sisters.


20th year bring fear of death, Death is predicted on Ashwin Krishna Chaturthi, Thursday, Rohini Nakshatra at the edge of a river.


12 th year brings fever, 18th fear of snakes, 22nd fear of foreign country and 24 fear of sudden death. 27th year brings fear of water, 32nd year snake and weapon fear. Your 12th, 24th, 40th and 48th year see you in fear of dogs, clawed animals and handcuffs.




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